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A simple text like this to the one you love can make a HUGE difference in your relationship. If you're looking to kick it up a notch using texts, take a look at the article inside. <3 #goodmorning #texts #ilovemylsi

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Just remember, guys, what you use to charm a girl into your arms, is what you have to do to KEEP her there. Girls need security from their guys, whether they admit it, like it, or not. If you're not willing to own up to her disappointment with you after you forget to be consistent with these things, then DON'T do them in the first place; because WE WILL remember...

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Good. Morning my Love, i can't wait till i can tell you this in person every morning for the rest of our lives ;-)

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It’s not just the receiving part but even typing and sending a silly, simple and heartfelt message to wish your love first thing in the morning has its upsides, like the fact that your phone will buzz a few moments later with a smile, kiss or personal good morning love sms just for you. And that’s what living is about, isn’t it?

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Its that simple. I like making HER smile. Yes it sure could and for once I would love to get one from him. Or to tell me I'm beautiful.

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