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It is a good morning indeed. I prayed about us a lot last night, and this morning I feel like God gave me some encouragement by something I heard on the radio. Made me think of you, and gave me hope. It was kinda too specific to be anything else but from the Lord. I miss you! Have a good day!

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Sleep Tight - Good Night Wish Card: Good night, sleep tight, don't let the bed bugs bite! No worries about that here. This tabby cat dreams of catnip and mice. What do you dream about? Send this card to your favorite dreamer and wish them a good night. May we all sleep as adorably and comfortably as this kitten! Hush now, close your eyes, and nod off to dreamland with this cozy good night card.

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Sleep well and sweet dreams ya..pray all blessings be upon you while you are sleeping.

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