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... :') I'm a little bit better guys, trying to smile through the tears and heartache... love you guys and I'll see ya'll tomorrow... @Leigh Anne Pinnock @Riley Henk I can't thank you guys enough, seriously... and @Emma Baker you're my best friend babe this isn't your fault.. and thanks to @Ali Wise to :)


So, I've been having a great day... A on my anatomy and organic chem test. (Both of which i was super nervous about)We watched a movie in sci fi lit. Found out Im getting an additional transfer scholarship. c: . Yay, free money. AND I got free Starbucks from a friend. And then I realized it's a full moon... well...technically partial lunar eclipse at 12:23 our time april 15th.. . But oh yeah, that all makes sense now lol. XD. #fullmoon #technicallypartiallunareclipse #superluckydaysforme