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"It's found crawling on beaches and sea floors. the coral that grows on Corsola's head is as good as a five-star banquet to this Pokémon" - Mareanie's Pokédex entry

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You have no brain <<< Lusamine's brain went to shit after she lost her mind anyway

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Pokemon sm - haunred house meme Alola kids rendition

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good pokemon cards ex - Google Search

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Wish we were that good with animals

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Pokémon Sun & Moon/#2063641 - Zerochan

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Boi No l... Just no. Why did I have to see this? I will never see Takumi or Leo as my difficult little brothers anymore. Whyyyyyyy?!

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I honestly HATE what they did to team rocket in some of the later seasons. they made them actually mean, not at all funny, and overall plain bad. I loved it when they were goofy, fun, nice(er), and only worked so hard because they were scared to disappoint their boss.. and at times they knew what their doing was truly bad they made a choice to do good instead of doing as Giovanni said,, lol srry for the long description

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Leafeon + Misdreavus = Leafdreavus. So pretty, new fantasy pet!!

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