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This is a good poster idea to use for an English/Language Arts classroom to show students how they should be writing their paragraphs/papers. KR


God is Great, God is Good Poster. Prayer, Blessings, Dinner, Meals

God is Great, God is Good Poster. Comes in JPEG for large posters and a PDF to print from your desktop. Prayer, Blessing, Mealtime, for Kids, for Children.


Literary Elements Posters

These colorful posters will brighten up your classroom and help remind your students of these different literary elements. These posters were designed with the Middle / High School classroom in mind.


Infographic: Tips for designing better research posters | The dos and don’ts of preparing posters for conferences | Research posters are a common way to show the results of your research to the academic community. Researchers present posters at conferences to communicate their work in a summarized form to a broader audience. | The research poster must be clear, concise and attractive in order to generate discussion and feedback from colleagues.