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Reaction: Aw.Yay! I remember that...Last Olympian, good times, good times. AW. AWW. AWWWW.AWWWWWWW.ASDFGHJKL NO WHY

Stephen King quote. Harry Potter will always trump Twilight. Twilight = bland storyline, whiney characters and shitty actors.

FAIRY TREATS for a Cloudy Afternoon © ArteZoe (PhotoArtist) via flickr ... ... Still Life. Tableau. "The Girls' Book of Flower Fairies" by Cicely Mary Barker (Artist, England), Published by Frederick Warne. Fairy Statuette. Tea & Pastries.

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cinyma: The Hobbit - An Unexpected Journey... - logangaiarpg

"Oh I'VE got an idea! Let's assemble some of the hottest British men on the planet and introduce them to the fangirls, then laugh as they sob their hearts out when we kill all three!" Well, two Brits and a Kiwi, but the point remains.