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Good To Know Meaning

from Burnett's Boards - Daily Wedding Inspiration

are your color choices sending the right message?

Always a good little tibit to know when planning your special day or any day. Color Meanings / The Psychology of Color

Interesting & WTF: That means "Subconsciously" Someone - Yourself - is always fucking angry at You/Someone, as there's seems to be bound to be times when You'll somehow piss someone off & You'll be angry by some trigger by someone!! So that means in English - Your Subconsciously always Angry!!

Be a safe person for others: Dear friends of pantsuit nation who reject racism, Islamophobia, anti-Semitism, bigotry, xenophobia, homophobia, misogyny, hatred and meanness: I'm wearing a red heart with a safety pin to let others know I'm a safe person for those feeling persecuted. Please join me. Love can still win. Follow this link:

“Make into” means “to change someone or something into someone or something different”. Example: Physical exercises made her into a good-looking woman.

"Crook" means dishonest person, criminal. Example: You're going into business with Ron? Haven't you heard? He’s a crook. He stole money from his last company. #slang #englishslang #saying #sayings #phrase #phrases #expression #expressions #english #engl

FUN video to teach connotation and denotation - to the popular One Direction song "You Don't Know You're Beautiful." Connotation is a words suggested meaning or emotional association. Some words carry a positive connotation; some words carry a negative connotation. Denotation is the literal, dictionary definition of a word.

BAKA! Good word to know. *giggle* It mean's; idiot, fool, foolish, stupid. This is used in most people at school...especially on Mondays.

Good idea! I always thought as Hermione as a Ravenclaw, but I was also like, " Wait, if she had been in Ravendclaw, how would they have become friends?" And I thought that maybe Luna or some other Ravenclaw should have been the brainy one. I mean, I know that you can be put put into a house according to what you admire in others, but this is an even better twist to it!