Good article about surviving as a filmmaker from filmmaker magazine: Esther B. Robinson On Working Jobs.

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Learn how to say common greetings in Spanish (hellos and goodbyes). Tap or click on the comic to listen to each scene and then review more Spanish vocabulary and expressions Listen to the correct pronunciation, learn a few sample sentences using the vocabulary. Print out the vocabulary.

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Idiomatic expressions using the word speak: Speak your mind, Speak of the devil, Speak a mile a minute etc - learn English,idioms,vocabulary,english

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Spanish Word Wall - 100 High Frequency Spanish Words that are most used in the Spanish language. Zebra theme.

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Important telephone phrasal verbs you need to know - learn English,communication,vocabulary,english

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For insect themed week make fingerprint bugs so they can learn about some many other kinda they might not have seen before

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Most Common Mistakes in English - learn English,mistakes,english

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