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Goodbye Quotes For Him

i do miss you. i miss the us that was .. the us when we first met .. i used to say, "i don't mind letting you wrap me around your little finger because i know you won't hurt me". i still don't think you hurt me intentionally. i just think you decided you didn't love me any more - why? you never told me. i don't know if i stifled you.. again, you never told me - that bit was unfair. but at the core, i love you.

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This makes me think of a very beautiful man. I don't know his name, let's call him London Bridge Man. I was living in London and went off to a job interview. Afterwards, I was approached by a BEAUTIFUL man in a suit who asked me out and said I was gorgeous. I had a boyfriend so said no but he still tried to persuade me to go for coffee. I never did but he was so good looking and so sweet :)

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This is actually what i thought. By saying goodbye to him saying it all has to stop he would agree. He said yes, until two minutes after. Apparently because everything he asks me i will give him and i am loyal to him. It's both right, but still.. in these weeks i quickly noticed that my feelings for him are just well to be plain...gone. I hardly think about him and whenever he sends a message i feel kinda annoyed? Now the question: Leave or Stay with him?

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I've said goodbye forever, and arranged that it will be so. There is no guarantee - he might repent or I might fall, and we may see each other in the afterlife, but on this side the veil, we will never meet again. Painful, but for my very best. Besides, I never knew him.:

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This IS and WILL BE the hardest thing I will ever do. But what is meant to be, will and what is not to be, won't. Sadly, as much as I wanted this to work it isn't and is breaking my heart. Goodbye....

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I have fallen head over heels for the man in my life now, I'm so thankful he understands I have a past love who will always be apart of me. We have grown stronger as a couple because of my past relationship and the trauma I went through those 4 years of my past relationship. I cannot be more blessed to have someone who understands but also a man who is willing to be friends with my ex as am I. So thankful I am friends with him again.-K

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So true

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