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The large and ever so clean green beryl crystal from the Smithsonian Institute gives one a closer view of what these lighter stones look like in the rough. Emerald that size would be much darker, maybe even semi-transparent, and true to its nature, often loaded with telltale percussive fracture inclusions. Both of these verdant gems are treasured by collectors, and it's a personal preference as to which one is more appealing.


Properties and benefits of Clover Plant!!! ♥ Clovers and especially the red ones have bioactive components: calcium, lecithin, chromium, magnesium, potassium, silicium, vitamins A, E, C, B2, and B3. Studies have proved that clovers can protect against the development of breast cancer cells. And soooo much more! it all in the link!


Locomotive 18 201 in red livery - DR 18 201 - Germany --- Since 1980 the locomotive has mainly been employed to haul heritage and special trains, often with a second tender, in order to be able to complete long-distance runs. . , the engine was repainted between 30 April 2002 and 10 July 2005 in a special red livery (RAL 3003, ruby red). Today she is once again painted in her traditional green colour (RAL 6020, chromium oxide green).