Walking Guinea Pigs? Google Street View finds curated by Jon Rafman on 9-eyes.com

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02/14/2013 - England: A huge landslide between Doncaster and Northern Lincolnshire. The landslide is still moving.

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halloweencrafts: DIY Rapunzel Costume first seen on EPBOT’s Facebook page. This DIY Rapunzel Costume has no original souce! SEE UPDATE I cannot find a single photo that matches this image even using my 5 Steps to Finding the Original Source using Goole Image Search. So if you find the original source, please message me! *UPDATE* So I posted this photo of a daddy and baby Rapunzel costume when I saw it posted on EPBOT’s Facebook and could not find the original source. Well it turns out that…

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This is the screen cap from when I actually tried this on goole maps

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world without end. I thought he had a bun at the back! This hair style will take some beating, but Christpoher Walken doesn't do a bad job in some of his films.

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