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Gop primary calendar

Good analysis of winners of the 2016 GOP primary. Article also pairs the chart with remaining delegates. Looks good for Trump.


With big field, unsettled primary calendar adds complexity to GOP race Calendar #Calendar

With big field in GOP presidential race, unsettled primary calendar adds new ... Calendar #Calendar

Randy Yeip on

GOP primary calendar gives Southern states more sway. @poconnorWSJ reports. …

WASHINGTON (AP) — Iowa and New Hampshire would retain their coveted spots atop the presidential primary calendar, according to new rules set to be approved by Republican leaders that could reshape the 2016 presidential election. South Carolina and Nevada would also secure top spots, as they have in the past, as part of a larger plan that would significantly shorten the GOP's presidential selection process.

Share on Facebook 1 1 SHARES Next Tuesday kicks off the winner take all calendar when the bulk of the remaining primary races have all the delegates up for grabs for whoever wins. Tonight will feature the final debate between the four GOP candidates still in the race and it could be an important one. So here’s how I think things will shake out on | Read More »

The Top 5 Priorities of the GOP

"Growth and Opportunity Project," The Top Five Priorities of the GOP RNC Chairman Reince Priebus said this is when the "Republican permanent campaign was born. We want to be the party that takes no voter for granted and that fights to earn every voter's trust and I want 2013 to be the year people say it all began." Will they succeed? Here are the five biggest priorities of Republican Party. Technology Outreach Minorities and Younger Voters The Presidential Primary Calendar Debates

How the Trump Express Could Be Derailed This Weekend

There are four Republican primaries or caucuses: Kansas, Kentucky, Louisiana and Maine, and all are “closed” to non-Republicans. Because to date the calendar has been predominantly composed of open primaries, meaning Independents, and even Democrats, can cast their ballots in the GOP race. Sen. Ted