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Gossip are worse than thieves because they steal another person’s dignity, honest, reputation and dignity, which are impossible to restore. So remember this: “when your feet slip you can always recover your balance but when your tongue slips you cannot recover your words.


10 Takeaways from "Terrible Things Women Do to Each Other"

AMEN!!!! Does someone really have to say, "please keep this between us" to know that ones personal life is for them to share? If it's personal, it's automatic that it's between us. On the flip side, if you don't want something said, don't share it with the wrong person. True friendships are few and far in between, the rest are just acquaintances.


The fastest way to stop gossip: When someone speaks negatively about another person, just say "wow, that is surprising, because they only have the nicest things to say about you...."

from Mail Online

Friend of Orange Is The New Black actress charged with stalking her

Excuses, accusations and vitriol are transparent. Don't let your insecurities drive you to compromise your dignity.


Hey y'all! I am back!! Did you miss me!? Well did you miss the tea!? The tea is back. Here's some for y'all be careful... This is gonna be strong! So let me just be straight. Can we stop using gossip as a bonding tool!? You know you can bond with a person without having to talk negatively about people right!? I see this mostly at times in churches. Like for real...why!? You can talk about scriptures revelations life callings and different experiences God has been leading you on why talk…