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" If he had ANOTHER kid without realizing it"...since he's got 4 now.
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These 'Game of Thrones' Audition Tapes Are the Best Thing You'll See All Week "You'll die tomorrow Lord Bolton."

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Ramsay introduces Reek to his father and he - is a bit shocked. He wanted to have Theon, so they can fight against the Greyjoys and having a "joker" for this fight. But Theon is not existing anymore, only a flayed man who is very afraid of everything. Ramsay says, that the Boltons flayed their men for a very long time. Roose nicely remembers him, that he is no Bolton. --- Oh oh - Ramsay's face --- Another nice account (@hot_news_of_got) got deleted lately by instagram and is now back w...

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