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Community Post: 14 Gordon Ramsay Memes Guaranteed To Make You Laugh

Hahahaha!! Seriously, Gordon Ramsay is hilarious. So tired of people saying he's mean and brutal. He's teaching people to be chefs; that whole profession is brutal. Nut up.

Please check out @__got__bolton @__got__bolton @__got__bolton and leave a follow --- After Walda gave the baby over to Ramsay, she wants her newborn back immediatly. She knows that Ramsay isn't exactly the person you should trust with handling a baby... Plus Lord Bolton wants to see her, so she was in a hurry. Ramsay offered her to bring Walda to Lord Bolton. She follows him. --- #ramsaysnow #ramsaybolton #iwanrheon #waldabolton #elizabethwebster #gameofthrones