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Blackletter modern gothic font

NOF: Blackletter Modern Gothic Font #Source: Creative Market #Function: Typeface was designed for purchase #Designer: "Supermne" #Description: Modern Gothic Alphabet has rigid straight vertical strokes with only light ornamentation/details


Gothic / black-letter script evolved from Carolingian in the later middle ages, circa 1200 AD, became the dominant handwriting from the 12C until the Italian Renaissance (1400–1600 AD). It was not as clear as Carolingian, but was narrower, darker & denser. The dot above the i was added to differentiate it from the similar strokes of the n, m, & u. The u was created as separate from the v, which had been used for both sounds. Compact handwriting saved space, as parchment was expensive...


* Albrecht Dürer Alphabet (1471-1528) from Of the Just Shaping of Letters (1535) | Reusable Art (Is it bad to have a crush on an artist that has been dead for centuries?)