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Grab a FREE United States government choice board with this blog post! It includes many great activities for teaching government!

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Snowflake - I love how the new conservative insult for progressives is "snowflake". As if that is a bad thing. Yes, a single snowflake is fragile. But you know what happens when you get enough snowflakes together? People have heart attacks moving them. Roofs collapse, cars crash, airports close and cities are crippled. Governments spend all their money trying to dig out. And more come to cover up all that work like it was never done. Go ahead, call me a snowflake. Be sure you bundle up…

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GOP true colors.... cheating is fine as long as we're the beneficiaries

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Please take 30 seconds to help close shocking dog meat farms in South Korea. Puppies and dogs spend their lives in cages, before they’re slaughtered for human consumption. Sign here now to help them.

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Little Zigzag Falls, between Rhododendron and Government Camp, Oregon near Mount Hood.

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Rewrite tax laws, close all loop holes and require lawmakers to live within the laws they write. Get rid of separate benefits for all government employees, elected or non elected. No differences between the private sector and government. Laws and policies should apply to everyone. ~BlackCat

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That's right! I love her!

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Branches of Government Activity packet - Common Core Aligned

BRANCHES OF GOVERNMENT JIGSAW ACTIVITIES This 15 page branches of government packet specifically covers 4th grade Common Core Standards SL.4.1a , SL.4.1b , SL.4.1d , SL.4.4, SL.4.6 but could easily be made part of a social studies government unit at other grade levels.

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7/8/16 - Exactly, distracting everone from killery also...Trump is going to crush that bitch on a scale that will make Reagan's landslide over the other worst President look like a close race!!!

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