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from Salon

Paul Ryan has Medicare in the crosshairs: Ryan’s been gunning to kill the program for years — and he senses his moment

It's sad that people vote against their own best interests but it continues to happen. These same people will suffer and blame the government, never connecting their vote to their misery.


Trump for your daughters (or a part of them, anyway) and all conservatives for your reproductive rights.


The purpose of the AMA, ADA and FDA is to destroy the American people in the name of helping them. By making the people chronically ill these agencies break any will to resist an American fascist tyranny (possibly to be led by the Jesuit-trained Knight of Malta, Patrick J. Buchanan) and the coming “New World Order” under the Jesuits’ “infallible” Pope.


except Bernie Sanders...and the reason as a lifelong Democrat, that i'll never again vote for a bought and sold corporate whore like Hillary Clinton or any Republican


"So universal healthcare is unconstitutional big government, but religious regulations on my uterus are constitutional small government. Because that makes sense."

from Daily Intelligencer

Republicans Might Be Serious About Going After Medicare

There’s no secret about what specifically Ryan has in mind. He intends to replace traditional Medicare. Seniors would get a federal voucher to help them pay premiums charged by commercial insurance plans. But since the value of the vouchers would rise at less than the rate of healthcare inflation, and the costs of private insurance typically rise faster than those of Medicare, an ever-larger share of healthcare costs would land on seniors’ shoulders......LA TIMES


But we can't afford healthcare or education like other nations can.

The Affordable Care Act (ObamaCare) was enacted with great fanfare and unrivaled deception in 2010 as part of a duplicitous plan to destroy America’s... Repeal only. We don't want government run healthcare of any kind!