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Government Maternity Leave

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This Is What Paid Maternity Leave Looks Like Around The World

Seriously USA, you're just plain embarrassing -.- especially when science has shown that babies health is dramatically better if they are given 6-12 months with their parents.

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Not All Trump Hotels Provide Paid Maternity Leave, Despite Ivanka Trump's Claim

Not All Trump Hotels Provide Paid Maternity Leave, Despite Ivanka Trump's Claim | Huffington Post: In a television appearance touting her father’s newly released maternity leave and child care plans, Ivanka said that the Trump Organization provided all of its thousands of employees with paid maternity leave. If it does, that’s news to employees at many of the Trump Organization’s hotels.

I thought for sure some of those countries would have little or no guaranteed paid leave. I was wrong. We are so pathetically behind on some issues it's beyond embarrassing.


How lucky are we in Canada? Parental leave is not a right in the U.S. #parenthood #YVRMoms


Unfortunately. That is why the Bible Belt has the highest crime rate, highschool drop out rate, rape rate, divorce rate, abortion rate and murder rate - among other things.

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Why Working Families Could Be Better Off In Sweden

"If you want to know how strong a country's health system is, look at the well-being of its mothers." –-Hillary Clinton


So how much time does the government guarantee new parents? And what of your company’s other benefits should you be aware of to ensure you’re getting the most out of your company’s leave policy? #maternityleave #pregnancy #workingmom #everydayhealth |

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#Mobilesapps Now government employees can avail nine months maternity leave in Tamil Nadu Mobiles Apps club (@Mob1les_Apps) September 2 2016