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#Infographic of  #China  Fast Facts

Beijing (北京)

#Infographic of #China Fast Facts


Weeeeell, actually you've made yourself look like a loser. Have you looked at Your Democratic Party, N. Korea, Iran, Russia, China, Cuba, Iraq, Syria, Yeman, European tourist attacks, San Bernardino Christmas terror killings, Orlando nightclub terrorist killing, race relations, the uptick in the killing of Police, Chicago, Baltimore, Ferguson MS, the US/Mexico border, Illegal invader crimes, and there's more and more.


You Wouldn't Want to Work on the Great Wall of China!: Defenses You'd Rather Not Build by Jacqueline Morley. This Social Studies Trade book describes working for ancient govenments and how tough it really was! The cartoon pictures minimize the violence during those times while still teacng kids an accurate history.


Trump's Crime Wave Cabinet Is Trying To Dodge Disclosing Conflicts Of Interest


8,000 people in China are applying for one job. A job as an office worker for a political party is very appealing because it provides a stable job with a generous income. Also with end of the yea evaluations coming up, citizens must tell the government what job they like the most, and for 8,000 people it is the same one.


Trump is so dumb, he could not name the three branches of government! He gets support by lying through his teeth. He's got a wall he will sell you but forgot about tunnels across the border AND a 45% tariff for China who will then make sure you pay $50.00 for a shirt, that is, once Walmart and Target goes out of business. He is a idiot. He is the product of OPM. Other People's Money. America's taxpayer money after he filed bankruptcy. He is no financial genius. He is a crook.


Miao, a linguistically and culturally related group of people, recognized as such by the government of China.