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Government Of Nl

Al Capone Wanted Poster Found here - #alcapone


cat ♥ | visuals representative of the corporate governance officer | asto acquisition company: | purchase agreement template: | yuppies: | public notice asto a government contractor shareholder enforcement by a legend asto a shareholder buy-out:

40 "Bill? Asswipe... You would not know the truth if it came up and hit you in the face... Question? Do you not know how to get a job? or does the government have to teach you how to do that too? Question? You blame everything on BlogTalkRadio, Google and YouTube, right? Could it possibly be that people are sick of you?" Being Ducted Bye Your TV Set


Lydia Cacho/ Mota: mi dosis personal (¿Sabías cuanta es la cantidad de droga que puedes portar para consumo personal?) - 'A political game with bodies': Dutch foreign minister on MH17 at UN "'Just imagine that you first get the news that your husband was killed, then within two or three days you see images of some thug removing the wedding ring from their hands. Just imagine that this could be your spouse."