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Government unit

How Does Government Work?

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The Government and Me: A Project Based Learning Unit

Students can learn about the government and how it relates to them. They can learn what they can do to influence the government, and how what the government does can influence them.

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Interactive Notebook / Journal - The GOVERNMENT - Social Studies (Gr. 3-5)

These interactive pages cover the Government. This bundle begins with the comparison of the Greek and U.S government and goes through the Constitution and the 3 Branches of Government. $

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How Does Government Work?

Dragon's Den Curriculum: Government! Government! Get lots of great site links for government games and videos here to really get that government unit kicking!

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How Does Government Work?

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Who Owns the Money? Economics for 4th Graders

Infographic: Who Takes Care of What? This infographic highlights the 3 main branches of the U.S. Government in a simple, easy-to-read format.

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Levels of the government chart and more. Great visuals. Site is written with 5th grade in mind but good ideas for our 3rd grade expedition.

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Classroom Government Simulation- Making U.S. Government Relevant for Kids

Once students understand the basic ways that the U.S. Government works, we can make the classroom into a simulation for students to practice. Every two weeks students can move to a new branch of the government and learn about it.

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FREE History Unit Studies for Kids (40+)

Identify the different levels of government as local, state and national. Emily- I would use this lesson to give me ideas on how to introduce the different types of government to students.

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This is a great project for G+T students in fifth and sixth grade. Variations I have done include working individually and letting the students choose anywhere in the world they would like their country to be. The geography and climate of their portion of the earth affects the other aspects, such as history, customs, foods, etc.

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Branches of the U.S. Government

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