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BREAKING VIDEO : Florida Gov Rick Scott Bypasses Obama Reaches out to Trump on Ft Lauderdale Shooting – TruthFeed

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A very apt display of thoroughly warped & treacherous "values"! This guy should serve jail time for gross neglect of duty!

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Mike Pence cracks down on food stamps... work for it!

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If these are the kinds of tyrants that will assume power of our great nation, the really is going to sink back into the dark ages.

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Mike Pence’s Hateful Laws Almost Kept Me From My Dying Wife

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Suck it snowflakes I am proud to say Mr. Trump is our President!!

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Trump announces Pence as his running mate -

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IRONY IS DEAD: MIKE PENCE GOES TO COURT TO BLOCK HIS EMAILS FROM BEING RELEASED TO PUBLIC | Until recently, Mike Pence was known as the governor whose hatred towards gay people burned so hot that he lost his state of Indiana millions of dollars in business in order to legalize the discrimination of the LGBT community. Now he’s known as the future Vice President...

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