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Grace reproduction

Marie....Though she was often willful, spoiled and selfish when younger, Marie Antoinette was the epitome of courage, class and heroism after her capture in the French revolution.


Bless Your Home With The Words Of The Bible. Unique Gifts For Family And Friends. Support Israel Digital Reproduction This exquisite flowing design was created for the wedding of Ellen’s daughter. The delicate, graceful flowers, along with the seven species (grape, fi... #calligraphy ➡️

two blocks, one plain, one with triangle corners. this is a tiny doll quilt The top finishes about 17″ x 20, think I would make it bigger


Aunt Grace Reproduction Cards 12 Pre-Cut Quilt Kit 8" Blocks

The traditional card trick pattern has 24 triangles in just one block, so one kit would have 312 triangles; if these were traditional. Our easy to make card trick pattern has NO triangles in it. You c


Digital Reproduction Shabbat Candles Ellen Miller Braun uses four special prayers and blessings in this graceful rendition of Shabbat Candles.Cascading down the center of... #judaica ➡️

Dolly Dingle Christmas Party. I'd forgotten all about Dolly Dingle ... when I saw this it turned a light on in this old head!