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Tricks of the Trade Thursdays: Teacher Desk Organization

I HATE clutter, and paper all over teachers' desks is one of my pet peeves. I essentially already do this with manila folders, but I like this, too!


I thought that this was a unique way to organize assignments that are turned in along with what needs to be copied and filed. Not only is it super creative but it also keeps your desk from becoming a black hole of papers that I have seen while volunteering in an elementary school classroom. ~Laura Wilson


Keep all those papers organized and your desk clear with these FREE file, copy and grade labels. I love this adorable teal, red, yellow and grey theme! Just print, cut and tape to the inside of Sterilite plastic drawers. I used this in kindergarten and fifth grade to keep my desk clutter free!!


Classroom Organization: Tips and Tricks

My name is Catherine, and I am an organization addict. It’s true friends. I love procedures and order and know my classroom runs smoothly because of these things. Today I’m sharing with you how organization helps maximize learning in our classroom and how I maximize my time as a teacher. Now, my room is definitely...


FOR MY STUDENTS: You will need to get copies of the handouts for these two pages from the file folder on the counter in the room. Please be...