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In the Art Room: Second Grade Collage Landscapes Inspired by Chilean Arpilleras (Cassie Stephens)

Hey, guys! I'm excited to share with y'all the finished product of many an art class: Second Grade's Landscape Collages! Here's some things we learned along the way (with more detail in a hot minute):

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No Whammy's! No Whammy's! No Whammy's! Stop! Press Your Luck!!! Best game show!!!!

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Revlon's Charlie perfume from the 70's - my favorite - and you couldn't get in Denmark at that time.

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First and Second Grade Must Read Books. There are so many of my favorites on that list! #books #reading

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Shawn & Juliet first meet... "...I sound like I'm in the eighth grade." "Well in my portrayal of you, you only have an eighth grade education." :)

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Chatty class driving you crazy?? Read about how to use BLURT cubes to get a overly talkative class to be quiet in a fun and positive way

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