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5 Minute Beginner's Guide: How To Apply For Graduate School! Get grad school application tips, advice, and more from actual academics at top universities.


Robert Doisneau was one of France’s most popular and prolific reportage photographers. As a kid, he was enrolled at the École Estienne, a craft school where he graduated with diplomas in engraving and lithography, and at 16 he took up amateur photography. At the end of the 1920s Doisneau found work as a draughtsman in the advertising industry at Atelier Ullmann, a creative graphics studio.

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How To Organize Your Graduate School Search

Applying to graduate programs can be time consuming and expensive, meaning that it might not be feasible to apply to every program that interests you. Yet, with so many options for graduate study, it can be difficult to narrow down your options. Here are some strategies to manage the information overload that can ensue during…

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constructive embroidery

Inspired by building sites and construction, my final year project explores hand embroidery as a contemporary artistic expression.


Get a chalkboard and ask Athena what she wants to be when she grows up every year for birthday when she's in school take picture and make collage for grad party.

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Vintage Phinney-Walker Travel Alarm Clock, Still Works

always took on road trips the graduation present from high school from my parents .. this exact one ..