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Gymnocalycium mihanovichii, often called chin cactus, is a species of cactus from South America commonly grown as a houseplant. The most popular cultivars are varied mutants which completely lack chlorophyll, exposing the red, orange or yellow pigmentation. These cultivars are often called moon cactus. Since chlorophyll is necessary for photosynthesis, these mutations die as seedlings unless grafted onto another cactus with normal chlorophyll.

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Cactus Grafting Guide – How To Graft A Cactus Plant

Grafted Cactus Care: Tips For Grafting Cactus Plants - Grafting cactus plants is a straightforward method of propagation which even a novice gardener can try. Different species work better with different methods but a brief cactus grafting guide follows with basic instructions on how to graft a cactus in this article.


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Grafting Cactus Guide


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