Sentence structure galore! This grammar resource is loaded with printables covering subjects, predicates, punctuation, quotation marks, commas, sentence usage and more. Perfect for grammar review, small group, whole group, homework, or extra practice.

Sorting Adjectives- Adjectives describe a noun in many different ways. Write the adjectives in the correct column. Fun grammar review for 2nd grade!

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Catch - I have a beach ball with the subjects written on it and the kids pass the ball to one another. Each time they catch the ball, they get a question for the subject their hand is near or touching. My kids usually all tell me the answer, though with older kids you could play it more competitively.

6 Super ESL Games for Grammar Review

Football Review Game: Draw a football field on the board. Divide students into two teams. Place a "ball token in the center. When a team answers a question correctly the ball moves closer to their goal. If they answer incorrectly the ball doesn't move. When a team scores, the ball moves back to the center, and the team that did not score last starts. The team with the most goals wins.

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