The world pagan 'Review' Campaigns are Christ's opponent ego stroking calls to his dupes by all world means, & props therefrom via world delusions. A pagan review is just a spew of woo in a queue of brew by the crew of the bond glue, full of moo and goo, waiting on clue for cue, with grandiose delusions of hue; It will all come to rue. To attain longevity of Good Health & Salvation, the only appraisal we need is that of The Holy Spirit, by keeping with Christ, & His Doctrine - none other.

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Grandiose Delusions

Psychiatrist: Do you have any family history of grandiose delusions? Patient: Yes, my husband says he is the head of the household!

Grandiose Delusions by vcalahan

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In the year 190 AD an emperor ascended to the throne of Rome. His was Commodus, the son of Marcus Aurelius. Commodus was soon obsessed with grandiose delusions of himself.

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