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Hair Regrowth Mixture Mix three drops of lavender, two drops of thyme, two drops of rosemary, 4 tsp. grape seed oil (carrier oil), and 1/2 tsp. jojoba oil. Mix these ingredients well and then massage into scalp for two minutes. You can wrap a warm towel around your head to increase absorption. Wash your hair with a mild shampoo after one hour. Do this daily for up to seven months.


These days there are so many types of oils to use for our skin and hair, that it’s hard to pick through what to actually Read More

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How to Purchase Essential Oils

grape seed oil- brightens skin, helps with scars and wrinkles, reduces break-outs tightens pores.


Make Up Remover Pads 2 Tbsp Witch Hazel 2 Tbsp Grape Seed Oil( or your choice carrier oil) 2 Tbsp Distilled Water 2 drops Tea Tree(Mel-A) Mix together and pour over 1/2 round Cotton Pads in 4oz mason jar press down add more Cotton Pads pour remaining mix press down to absorb. Amazing and Natural! Works Great!

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Long Lasting Hair & Body 3 Solid Butter Blend. LOC Butter| Beard Butter| Hair Butter| Eczema Butter| Healing Vegan Moisturizer for Hair/Body

7 Beauty Benefits of Grapeseed Oil for Hair & Skin. Click for a nutrient rich butter blend featuring this oil along with many others


▪️1 cup distilled water ▪️2 teaspoons of fractionated coconut oil ▪️1 teaspoon grape seed oil ▪️10 drops of your choice essential oil (lavender, citrus bliss as examples - 5 drops each). Mix in a spray bottle and use.