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How to Prune a Grape Vine Pruning prevents the vine from growing too much foliage, which in turn, amounts to not enough fruit. A well-pruned vine is given maximum exposure to sunlight, air circulation and maintenance.These factors create an atmosphere less likely to harbor diseases or pests. Knowing how to prune a grape vine correctly will increase your productivity and quality of the crop.

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How to successfully grow your first grape vines

Grape vines are some of the easiest, most rewarding plants that you can grow! Perfect for beginner gardeners!


How to Build a Sturdy Grape Arbor

Found plans for a simple grape arbor that I think would be a fun way to add some shade to our treeless expanse of lawn. And grow grapes.


Common Grape Vine (Vitis vinifera). Origin: Mediterranean region, central Europe, and southwestern Asia, from Morocco and Portugal north to southern Germany and east to northern Iran. It can be green, red, or purple (black). Grapes can be eaten raw or they can be used for making wine, grape seed extract, raisins, vinegar, and grape seed oil.

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Grapevine Winter Care – How To Winterize Grapevines

Overwintering Grapes: How To Prepare Grape Vines For Winter-----Grape vine winter care involves the addition of some type of protective covering and proper pruning, especially in colder regions. There are also hardy grape varieties that require little to no upkeep. Learning how to winterize grape vines and how to care for grapes in winter isn’t difficult. However, learning about overwintering grapes can be crucial to the health of your vines.