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Chicken with Cherry-Wine Pan Sauce. You could totally substitute coconut butter, I'm going to. (A 20 Minute Meal!) |

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Insanely good pasta salad - This is a ridiculously good pasta salad that anyone can make. It's simple and easy with only 3 steps and it's a one-pot type of recipe! It's a cold hearty pasta that's full of healthy vegetables with fresh bell peppers, sliced

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incredibly cheap homemade "wine". Heavy to move around with and you may need some time in one place to make. But, even if you don't drink, it can be a valuable barter item to obtain fresh food or other depleted supplies.

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2 Easy Recipes to Make Wine at Home Today--follow me on Facebook or join my weight loss support group

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Classic Sangria - via MarthaStewart 1.In a pitcher or large bowl, combine orange, lime, apple, grapes, brandy, and red wine (I like Barefoot's Sweet Wine). Stir to combine and refrigerate 1 hour (or up to overnight). To serve, add soda and ice.

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If you love Trader Joe's Wine Country Chicken Salad, then you'll love this! Just substitute dried cranberries for the grapes. Delicious!

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