All-in-one slope notes page is intended to be used as a reference and reminder sheet for students to refer back to throughout a unit. Concepts can be added to the organizer as they are introduced throughout the unit. Includes space to record how to find slope from tables, points & an equation. Slope tells us about rate of change, the direction, and steepness of a graph. Relates types of lines, types of equations & types of slope. Happy solving from the miss jude math! shop

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I learned a nifty domain and range trick from an online workshop about using stickie notes to help “frame” the graph of a function. The idea is to use 4 notes so that all you see is the graph, which can make identifying the domain and range a little easier

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I love doing card sorts like this with my math students! 8.5G Identify functions using sets of ordered pairs, tables, mappings, and graphs A.12A Decide whether relations represented tabularly and graphically define a function

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In this activity students were given 6 graphs, 6 rules, 6 tables, 6 slopes, and 6 sentences. Then students have to pair up the correct cards. I like this activity because they get to learn the material while it is inexpensive and not too time consuming. I do not like this because some one can change some of the cards.

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This packet shows linear functions in four formats - as equations, graphs, tables, and described by their intercepts and slopes. It contains a worksheet and a mix-n-match version. As a worksheet, the student is given one of the types of information and is asked to fill in the remainder of the chart.

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Algebra 2 Idea: Design a picture using Piecewise Functions - maybe use toward the end of the year and require that all function types studied be included!

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The Functional Art: An Introduction to Information Graphics and Visualization: Visualizing political shifts: Data and interaction design

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