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lisola: johnthedragon: chompass: Need this for reference again My brother had this book. I will never not laugh at “You ATE it!?” really great page from a really great book!

from From up North

Great illustrations from all over the globe

Two characters, though I'd want them facing the camera, a closer shot, and the background simplified. Still, colors are cool.


Lee Bermejo has risen to the cream of the crop of the comix industry. Starting 10 years ago working for Wildstorm his work looked like it had been created by a seasoned pro despite his young age. You can find his gallery over at Splash Page Art. His graphic novel Joker (written by Brian Azzarello)is a bestseller. It hit stores after The Dark Knight was in theatres.He's a master that creates textures and layers with pencil and then highlights and outlines the shapes with ink. Brilliant work!