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In memory of Lt Sam Bancroft who died on July 6th 1788. “Death is a debt to nature due I paid it and so must you” Granville MA 11/24/16


Capt Richard More - Mayflower Pilgrim. He came over on the Mayflower at the age of 9 (or 11) as an indentured servant, rose through the ranks and became a sea-captain who lived in Salem. Died at age 84.


Monumental Cemetery of Bonaria, Italy...Cemetery with many huge and expensive monuments among cypress trees. This one is the wife of a wealthy man; made of several monuments...this is her son mourning her and covering her with blanket. It is astounding.


Art Nouveau funerary monument in the garden of the Musée de l'Ecole de Nancy (door to the other side, perhaps?)


Grave Marker- John Wilkes Booth, assassin, is shot dead near Bowling Green VA The body was buried in a storage room at the Old Penitentiary, later moved to a warehouse at the Washington Arsenal on Oct. 1, 1867. In 1869, the remains were again identified before being released to the Booth family, where they were buried in the family plot at Green Mount Cemetery in Baltimore, after a burial ceremony.