Gravity falls decoder

Cipher Hunt was an alternate reality game about Gravity Falls created by Alex Hirsch. The goal of the game was to find an actual statue of Bill Cipher, briefly glimpsed in the series finale, by retrieving and decoding clues hidden in various locations around the world. The first ones to the statue received a prize, though the hunt was mainly about the journey and not the destination. It began on July 20, 2016 and finished on August 2, 2016. Fans theorized that there was an actual Bill…

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Gravity Falls: Deleted Scenes - I can't stop laughing at this xD I wish them kept it in! "oh that is SCANDALOUS" -Bill

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Codes from Dipper and Mabel Guide to mystery. And nonstop fun. Grenda is gonna marry Von Fundshauser!!!! It is foretold!!!!!

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