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I love Alex Hirsch, but sometimes I think he's trying to murder his fans with feels

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All of the scenes at the end of each episode of gravity falls in season two including last episode.

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Yeah, this episode....well, let's just say that it was the final straw for whatever hold Disney had on GF. (This is my most popular pin thanks everyone so much)

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Reverse Falls: Character Relationships by RiaFire, love the designs<< I really need to watch more of this show I've only watched, like, the first season lol

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They're going to answer dippers name and what happened in the portal in the journal that's coming out this July. As for fords sweater, they answered that in the finale. He was hiding the photograph of him and Stanley, in short he was hiding a big heart and love for his brother. We can only imagine what happened to blendin though

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As a person who has a best friend in the GF fandom, I can confirm that this is true.

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Paul Robertson — Gravity Falls - Take Back the Falls pixel art (check this tumblr artist out, he does a bunch of super crazy amazing pixel arts that will blow your mind)

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