The Irish name for the great auk is 'falcóg mhór'. The Basque name is arponaz, meaning "spearbill". Its early French name was apponatz. The Norse called the great auk geirfugl, which led to an alternative English common name for the bird, "garefowl"/ "gairfowl". The Inuit name for the great auk was isarukitsok. The word "penguin" first appears in the 16th century as a synonym for "great auk." It may be derived from the Welsh pen gwyn "white head", although the etymology is debated.

Nigor Great Auk 2 - #Nigor #Great #Auk2

Always great to see how something is done in illustrator. The eye is extremely detailed and has a lot of texture. Overall a great eye and very realistic.

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July 3, 1844: Last pair of Great Auks killed. Although individual auks were seen after that, there were no more breeding pairs left, and the birds became extinct. They had been hunted by humans for over 100,000 years, but it wasn't until Europeans developed a taste for auk down comforters that the creature was really in trouble. This painting by John James Audubon shows the Great Auk in its summer plumage.

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