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50 Interesting Facts About Life In The Great Depression

In this article, the author lists 50 interesting facts about life in the Great Depression. This information will be very useful in the coming years.

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Inside the shantytowns of the Great Depression

1931-1938: Life in Hoovervilles The pop-up villages of the Great Depression: Inside the shantytowns of the Great Depression


This is a primary source picture showing how there were soup kitchens during the Great Depression in the 1930s. Soup Kitchens were places where meals were given out to the poor for free because people could not afford to pay for food due to the stock market crash, homelessness, and unemployment. Soup Kitchens helped feed people through the Great Depression and helped them to survive. This is credible because it was known to be a common thing to go to the Soup Kitchen for a meal in the 1930s.

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Quick and Easy Great Depression Simulation

Quick and Easy Great Depression Simulation. Free step-by-step instructions online -- all you need is 10 minutes of class time and some index cards or Post-it notes! Great way to get students engaged and thinking about the real-life impact of the Crash of 1929!


This is a fun activity to compare the economy of the great depression with today's economy. It allows students to research and use predicting skills.