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Gall. 1840-1894. He was a great warrior and became a war chief in his twenties. Leading the Lakota in their long war against the US, he served with Sitting Bull during several battles, including the famous Battle of the Little Bighorn in 1876. A modern reassessment of the Battle of Little Bighorn has given Gall greater credit for several crucial tactical decisions that contributed to the Sioux and Cheyenne's defeat of the five companies of cavalry led by Custer of the 7th Cavalry.


Chief Spotted Tail (1823 - 1881) was a Brulé Lakota tribal chief. A great warrior in his youth, having taken part in the Grattan massacre. He had become convinced of the futility of opposing the white incursions into his homeland; he became a statesman, speaking for peace and defending the rights of his tribe. He made several trips to Washington, D.C in the 1870s to represent his people, and was noted for his interest in bringing education to the Sioux.


Yellow Wolf 1856-1935 Born in 1856 in Nez Percè tribe, "Wal Lam Wat Kin" band, nephew of Chief Joseph. Indian's name: HEMENE MOXMOX. He has become famous in 1877 war. Always present in every battle, he was one of more daring and combative warriors. In June 1878 he surrended. He died in 21 August 1935 in Nespelem (Washington) and buried near the great uncle. In the first years of 1900 he dictated his memories to L. McWhorter, that wrote a famous book printed first time in 1940.


Photo by Auguste Francois, ca 1870, depicting Su Yuanchun, (1844-1908 AD) a Manchu general in Guangxi. A tough illiterate Manchu, Su Yuanchun was one of the last great warrior Manchus. He distinguished himself in the field and made it from a simple soldier to a distinguished general in a time when the Qing fought battles against modern firearms with sabers, spears, bows, arrows and matchlock muskets. He commanded a force against the French at the battle of Zhennan Passwhich and won.


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