Pinterest • The world’s catalog of ideas – Many theories have been presented, but there is still no definite answer to why the Anasazi decided to abandon their great cities. In south-west America, there are remains of the dwellings that once belonged to the Anasazi people, a civilization that arose as early as 1500 BC. The first settlement was found at Mesa …


AFRICAN KINGS by International Photographer James C. Lewis | King Osei Tutu (circa 1650-1717) Osei Tutu was the founder and first ruler of the Asante nation, a great West African kingdom now known as Ghana. He tripled the geographic size of Asante and the kingdom was a significant power that endured for two centuries. Model: Kellen Marcus


This map shows the routes of the Pioneer Trails by which the American west was settled in the 1800s.


16-168 "Lilo" is an adoptable Pit Bull Terrier searching for a forever family near West Babylon, NY. Use Petfinder to find adoptable pets in your area.


1883 Texas Cookbook --We come across articles from newspapers printed in the 1800's that contain recipes and cooking tips that you might find interesting. Some have become our favorites and others are simply amusing.