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areal photos of sharks along coastlines | Great White Shark Tracker: Sharks Return To Beaches, ‘Much More ...


After spending the summer and fall in the Cape Cod, Massachusetts, Katharine has made a determined move south. She is cruising the New Jersey coast approx. 50 miles off shore. The MA Marine Fisheries acoustic receivers in the Chatham, Massachusetts area got detections from Genie on 11/9 and Betsy on 10/27. Do you think Genie and Betsy will continue to hang out off Nantucket, Massachusetts or will they follow Katharine south to Jacksonville, Florida?


OCEARCH - really neat research organization. They tag great white sharks with receivers on their dorsal fins. Each shark given a name.. Click on their "shark tracker" at the top right corner of their intro page. On the following page that comes up, you can pick which shark you want to see - and see where the shark was, and where they are right now.


GWS LYDIA. Chris Fisher goes over the shark research fact sheet Expedition Jacksonville,Fl. OCEARCH Global Shark Tracker. Powered by CATERPILLAR.

18-foot great white shark tracked to northeast Florida | News - Home. OCEARCH Global Shark Tracker Powerd by CATERPILLAR.


Great white shark tracker: Mary Lee surfaces off Island Beach State Park

OCEARCH's tagged apex predator and the now famous @MaryLeeShark has been spotted just off the a few miles from Long Beach Island, according to the nonprofit's shark tracker. Screw swimming in the ocean......16 ft and 3500 lbs: Mary Lee, the Great White Shark !