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Armor Greek HelmetAncient Corinthian by BirdArtBulgaria on Etsy


“What is admired in one generation is abhorred in another. We cannot say who will survive the holocaust of memory… We are men only, a brief flare of the torch.”


Armour & Weapons :: Full Size Helmets :: Corinthian Full Size Helmet with plume & Greek key -Ancient Greek life size helmet, from the city of Corinth, dated to 480 BC. The Corinthian helmet was a helmet made of bronze which in its later styles covered the entire head and neck, with slits for the eyes and mouth. A large curved projection protected the nape of the neck. It also protected the cheek bones, which Greeks adored.


An interesting attempt to recreate what the Corinthian helmets worn by Leonidas’ bodyguards, the brothers Alfeos [Alpheos] and Maron, may have looked like. Traditionally they are held by some to have been Olympic champions, and so in place of a horsehair crest, the helmet is decorated with a representation of an Olympic champion’s wreath of victory.