ANCIENT ART. Ancient Greek painting, Achilles and Penthesella on the Plain of Troy, with Athena, Aphrodite and Eros.

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Fragmentary Colossal Head of a Youth Greek Hellenistic period 2nd century B.C. Marble Antikensammlung, Staatliche Museen zu Berlin “Pergamon and the Hellenistic Kingdoms of the Ancient World”

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32 / MUV 62 / Neck amphora / Class of Perugia 124 - Sides A and B: Twin riders - Dioscuri? / 535-530 BC Classics and Archaeology Virtual Museum, The University of Melbourne

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Pompeii ~ Etruscan fresco from the Villa of the Mysteries ~ The finest example of a suburban villa, renowned for its size and many wall paintings, especially the dining-room. The great frieze in the dining-room is the work of a Campanian artist of the 1st century B.C. under the influence of Greek painting related to the 'mystery' cult or a wife's initiation into the mysteries of Dionysus.

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Ship with dolphins. Wall painting replica from Akrotiri excavation. Ancient Greek painting. Greece, Santorini 17th century BC

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greek  pottery patterns - referencing for pysanky ideas - when you get a chance to teach me @Tracy M

Greek Sculpture | PARIAN GREEK LADY, c. 19th century. Finely detailed classical Greek ... #SculptureArt

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