Boa, Sixties and Zoulou are intense greens that bring out the personality of every room. Feminine and contemporary all in one. Ballerina and Diva create an intimate mood in an elegant and refined decorative style.

palette-- Sun room/office???

This website only has colors--no names, no places to buy it, no nothing. But I like these colors.

For inspiration, art and design. Color match was made by nature. All color scheme are made by those, who love colors. You can use those pallets in wedding inspiration, wedding decor and in any design needs. More color pallets on

colour palette | the green gables blog. Lots of color palette ideas here

blue, green, brown color palette...this would allow for a denim colored sectional in the sunroom to work in terms of fabric durability

emerging color

Beautiful, bright colours of this palette will look good in a style of modern. You can create bold and unexpected solutions with their help..

"wooded hues" ... being that I am a tree hugger, is this not a perfect color palette for me?

THIS is exactly what I've been looking for. This is my bedroom. Grey walls, white/green duvet, etc.

Christmas red, green, and brown. Classic for holidays! Take the green out of the outfit and do cream, brown, and red against a green nature background, and there you have it!

brown green and coral color scheme | Perfectly Pink color scheme with soft pink, brown and green - Boutique ...

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beige color, color matching, dark brown, emerald color, gray color, house color scheme, light emerald green, shades of brown, shades of green.

green and brown bedroom. Only my favorite color combo!!

The color palette number 75 green and red, brick, brick red brick color, selection color, light brown color combination for interior decoration color red apples, green apples,

Forest Greens -

Like these colors together. So rich! Would be great with warm taupe for a base color.

2050-60 arctic blue 2034-40 cedar green 2108-30 brown horse HC -75 maryville brown AF-345 honeymoon 2142-50 gray mirage

Harvest Hues -

summer hues

It is only when we silent the blaring sounds of our daily existence that we can finally hear the whispers of truth that life reveals to us, as it stands knocking on the doorsteps of our hearts. ~ K.T. Jong (Owl Moth ~ by Igor Siwanowicz)

Bedroom idea!!!!

tea time tones - I think this is going to be VERY close to the color palette we use in our kitchen in the new house.

Nature herself came up with the perfect combination of colours. Such shades of brown and orange will look bright on a grass-green background colour, as bri.