40 ways to reduce your carbon footprint / 40 façons de réduire votre empreinte de carbone

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we're big into green living. check out 50 ways to reuse simple household things;) #greenworksgames #sponsored

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41 Eco-Friendly Ways to Save Some Cash - I agree with all of them except microwaving more. Ditch the microwave!

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Stop worrying about your carbon footprint and start using these 23 ways to love more green--they're super easy!

Easy, non-toxic way to kill grass without back breaking labor. I need to remember this for later!

I love learning of new ways that I can switch out disposable household items for reusable alternatives.

Dryer Balls Natural Alternative to Dryer Sheets {Natural Living, Natural Cleaning, Natural Home, Cleaning Tips, Frugal Living, Essential Oils, Green Living, Green Cleaning}

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