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Tufflite IV™ Greenhouse Film - 24' x 65' a girl can dream!


Greenhouses amp;amp; Accessories - Greenhouse Accessories - Greenhouse Covering - Greenhouse Polyethylene Film - Sun Master® Pull and Cut Greenhouse Film


Dewitt 2-3/4-Inch by 100-Yard Batten Tape by DeWitt. $21.98. Batten tape 100-yards. Dewitt batten tape 2-2/3-inch by 100 yard. Batten tape made from polypropylene. Dewitt batten tape. 2-3/4 -inch by 100 yards. Batten tape is used for securing greenhouse film to wood framing.

Guarden Mini Greenhouse Deep 2ftx4ft by Guarden. $178.16. Guarden Mini Greenhouse Take Gardening To A New Level The Greenhouse film featured in a Guarden greenhouse protects against frost in the early spring and extends the growing season in late fall. With its unique design your Guarden greenhouse can be placed just about anywhere! Patio, deck, balcony, yard- just put a landscape lining inside the frame and keep the total weight within range (less than or equ...

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Things to Consider while Selecting Green House Film Dealers in India

Depending on your purpose as well as your budget, go for one of the best Greenhouse Film Dealers in India to buy your covering. #GreenhouseFilmDealers #GreenhouseFilmDealersinIndia #Greenhousefilm

Standard Clear Greenhouse Film, 6mil - 24' wide x 35' long . $115.00. Our Standard Greenhouse Film Offering 6 mil thickness for extra durability, Excellent light transmission, Four year warranty against UV degradation, and Easy installation.


Sun Selector Greenhouse Plastic : Sun Selector UVA Clear Greenhouse Film, 4 year 6mil (per sq.ft)


Standard Clear Greenhouse Film, 6mil - 6 Mil Polyethylene Film 12x25 - $44 This 6 mil thick high quality polyethylene greenhouse film manufactured in North America by AT Plastics is vastly superior to lower quality Chinese film. Guaranteed to last 4+ years – even in high UV environments - this superior film will provide the protection you need for your plants. Should not come into contact with PVC piping as this will degrade the product and void the warranty. (use batten tape or white…

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How To Build A 300 Square Foot Windproof Hoop House For Under $500

How To Build A 300 Square Foot Windproof Greenhouse For Under $500