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Gretchen Carlson Sues Fox News CEO Roger Ailes for Sexual Harassment

On Wednesday, Fox News anchor Gretchen Carlson filed a damning lawsuit against Fox News Chairman Roger Ailes, accusing the legendary media mogul of sexism and sexual harassment.  The lawsuit sent shoc


Watch Gretchen Carlson's Co-Hosts Objectify Her On Air

Gretchen Carlson Affirms That Fox News Is Just as Sexist Behind the Scenes as on the Air


Getting Real With Gretchen Carlson

Fox News host and former Miss America discusses her new book Getting Real with Kathryn Jean Lopez. They talk faith, family, and perseverance.


FOX and Friends

Gretchen Carlson, Kappa Kappa Gamma (Stanford University), news anchor, Miss America 1989./ No longer employed with Fox News amid a lawsuit


TIME Magazine Oct 31, 2016 Gretchen Carlson wants to change the way women fight sexual harassment Happily published via Nembol