from left to right 1 st kit moonkit female. middle kit is crowkit male. last kitten starkit female. there mother was killed by fox so foxclan came and took them in

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"A cat can work out mathematically the exact spot to sit to cause the most inconvenience." --Pam Brown

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* * GREY TABBY: " Me wills be yer Dostoevsky, if yoo wills be me Kafka. Our life togethers wills be soes fulla despair dat death wills be likes a gulag fulla joy."

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Tabby Kitten, Fosset, 8 Weeks Old, with Fluffy Black-And-Grey Daxie-Doodle Pup, Pebbles Photographic Print by Mark Taylor at

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* * > All animals except man know the principal aim of life is to enjoy it. [Samuel Butler

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Fluff ball (=^.^=) Thanks, Pinterest Pinners, for stopping by, viewing, re-pinning, & following my boards. Have a beautiful day! ^..^ and “Feel free to share on Pinterest ^..^ #catsandme #cats

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Las gatas suelen ser diestras, mientras que los gatos machos son más a menudo zurdos. Curiosamente, mientras que el 90% de las personas son diestras, el 10% restante de los zurdos también tienden a ser hombres.

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