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Safe place pillow case project

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Safe place pillow case project  | Art of Social Work

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Children Coping With Divorce

Children And Loss Are you happy? Memory Bracelets for grieving - but you can also use the same idea as a Coping/soothing bracelet when times get though e.g. recovery, anxiety, stress, panic, ED, SI, etc

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We modified the DBT House* activity to include a grief component.  This activity is a great way to allow a client the opportunity to explore his/her grief journey in the context of other areas in h…

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Closure for groups- especially grief and loss.

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Grief comes in many different ways. Everyone has their own grief ball. No matter how big or small your personal grief ball is, a counselor can help you unravel your emotions and help you heal.

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My Grief Goodbye Letter and Therapy Puzzles for Healing

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Mindbodytherapy Net

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Support Circle - maybe a good ending activity. Have it printed, each person reads the supports outloud

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Goodbye Letter Preview #notebook

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Grief Memory Book: This is a great intervention for grief and loss clients that I continue throughout treatment and compile at termination.  Many clients who lose a loved one have difficulty talking directly about the loss and art provides a medium for them to express themselves without feeling too overwhelmed.  For people who are not ready to draw directly about their grief, drawing their memories of their loved one lets them put more distance between them and their grief so that they can…

The Tristesse Grief Centerfrom The Tristesse Grief Center

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Grief Activities. Awesome activities!!

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Product Preview

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64 Children's Books About Grief

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emotions tree: let kids pick a figure to identify with and represent their feelings

Alice and Loisfrom Alice and Lois

Tips and Tricks for Parents Teaching Kids about Emotions

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The Tristesse Grief Centerfrom The Tristesse Grief Center

Bow and Arrow Support Activity

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bow and arrow support 3

The Tristesse Grief Centerfrom The Tristesse Grief Center

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We took this original pin from Pinterest... And turned it into.... Tree of Hope Activity We created a tree for our Healing Hearts Club Camp and asked the participants to add a heart to the tree as ...

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We took this original pin from Pinterest... And turned it into.... Grief Survival Kit The Grief Survival Kits were created to hand out to terminating clients at the end of treatment to remind them ...

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Story Lantern - Glue paintings and/or short stories your kids write to a jar and put a candle inside to light it up

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Great holiday grief activity for kids, teens and adults!

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Grief Survival Kit and other grief activities modified from Pinterest ideas. GREAT!

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Grief Expression Play Dough Activity (Personifying “Death”) • Goals: Increase self-expression, processing and exposure • This activity is appropriate for clients who internalize their emotions and...

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How to Make Worry Beads

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Komboloi worry beads are a Greek fidget toy, used to relieve stress and generally pass the time. Making your own set for fun or stress relief can be done with just a few inexpensive supplies. See Step 1 to get started on your own set....

Lifehackfrom Lifehack

20 Art Therapy Activities You Can Try At Home To Destress

Scarily Accurate

Pretty Accurate

Accurate Minus

Completely Accurate

Fairly Accurate

110 Accurate

Ridiculously Accurate

Sketch Book

Art Therapy

Ways to destress and heal when words are failing