Grief Activities

We took this original pin from Pinterest... And turned it into.... Tree of Hope Activity We created a tree for our Healing Hearts Club Camp and asked the participants to add a heart to the tree as ...

Grief activity/worry activity

Great holiday grief activity for kids, teens and adults!

great grief activity for kids - for Thanksgiving or any time!

Printable healing heart activity for children. Great for attachment, adjustment, grief and loss, and child to tap into some inner peace. #socialwork #playtherapy #mindfulness

Art therapy grief activities. 4 Square Emotions Activity

Grief Activities. Awesome activities!!

BRB (Be Right Back) Grief Activity. This is a great way for families to work together to get through a tough stage of grief. I would work really well with teens. They can express their feelings and then share those feelings with their family..

Grief activity

grief activity for kids this Thanksgiving (or throughout the year) Psychoeducation, coping support, emotional processing, expression

This is a great activity to use in a group setting that allows the group members to focus on emotions.  The activity can be modified to fit the specific needs of the group.  The activity can also b...

Grief Expression Play Dough Activity (Personifying “Death”) • Goals: Increase self-expression, processing and exposure • This activity is appropriate for clients who internalize their emotions and...

Grief Survival Kit and other grief activities modified from Pinterest ideas. GREAT!

"Art" activity (no skill required!) to see the range of emotions that come with #grief and how they evolve over time. Great for kids and adults.

Balloon release activity (good closure activity for grief and loss group) We also have writing prompts to help students express themselves during a time of grief. www.writestepswri...

Grief Activity Books for Kids 3-9 - What's Your Grief

Memory Wheels - First Day, Last Day, and Any Day in Between! Memory wheels are great for an end of year activity. Would also be great after a unit or a field trip.

how to make a Inside Out Memory Ball-I think this could be a good grief counseling activity

4 square grief counseling activity

Remembering Ornament: A Holiday Grief Activity for Kids & Teens

Things Left Unsaid - grief processing activity from rectherapyideas.b...

Behavior Intervention Ideas.The bomb intervention

The Stylish School Counselor: Simple Grief Activity

100 Art Therapy Exercises - The Updated and Improved List - The Art of Healing Psyche and Soul

Story Lantern - Glue paintings and/or short stories your kids write to a jar and put a candle inside to light it up

Expressive Art Therapy Activity # 43 - Healing Grief Through Art and Journaling Therapy by Shelley Klammer

A Thanksgiving Grief Activity for Kids (and grown-ups) - What's Your Grief - Memory lantern

Loaded with ideas and activities for all age groups to help them deal and understand their grief. Great handout materials as well.

Draw It Out: Activity book from Art With Heart for children experiencing grief and loss

Loss and Grief - Activities to Help You Grieve

Remembering Ornament: A Holiday Grief Activity for Kids & Teens

Bandaids therapy: different sized bandaids to gauge size of sadness/problems and getting in touch with feelings and how to deal with them

Activities for kids dealing with grief via Also check out the page "talking to your children about tragedies"

Grief activities for youth Ages 13-18 | National Alliance for Grieving Children

We took this original pin from Pinterest... And turned it into.... Grief Survival Kit The Grief Survival Kits were created to hand out to terminating clients at the end of treatment to remind them ...

Healthy ideas and activities for young children experiencing grief.

When Families Grieve - Find links to activities that help children deal with grief, and get additional advice and support—from PBS KIDS, PBS Parents, and beyond.

play therapy grief technique....explore creativecounselor... website it has tons of great play tx and other tx ideas/resources

Healing Grief Activities for "TEAR SOUP" Book by Schwieber

Lorinda-Character Education: Grief Stages and Goodbye Letter

Healing heart activity for grief group -this is beautiful! What a great way to show kids how they are connected when someone close to them has died.

COPE INTO HOPE: Grief Counseling Sessions Guide with Activities gives you a clear plan on how to help your student through the grief process. With 4 sessions of gentle, soothing activities, your student will learn strategies for understanding the life-changing event they are experiencing and for moving forward with hope. Read more at bilinguallearner....

Active Indoors- Balloon Tennis, this may be a good grief group idea of how we like to think we can balance everything, but sometimes things fall and when they do we get discouraged. Also could be used in substance abuse groups to show how when in recovery it's difficult to balance it all and then discuss ways to cope.

Art Therapy for Grief: "The creative process involved in the making of art is healing and life enhancing". - American Art Therapy Association Mission Statement

For kids dealing with death - downloadable activity.

Books to Help Children Deal with Loss and Grief « Imagination Soup | Fun Learning and Play Activities for Kids

beginning of the year activity - kids write their goals for the year as they are reaching for the stars.

Balloon anger activity - Also used this activity with grief for a girl who lost her grandfather. He had been in the military so she wrote a note to him, placed it in a helium balloon. Had the balloon filled and sent it into the heavens with a little ceremony. I did not believe it had that much of an impact; however, mother reported that the child talked about it for weeks afterwards.

This grief activity for kids is appropriate for school aged children and young teens who enjoy drawing and creative expression.

The emotions of grief. Therapeutic Activity for Teens.